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"I'm Sarah and I Scale Passion-Based Real Estate Brands with My Proven Real Estate Content Strategies, 7-Figure Funnels and Award-Winning Sales Copy Formulas That Convert!"
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Yeah it's sneaky tricks like this that landed me the nickname "Funnel Femme Fatale" and inspired me to launch my second company Femme Fatale Funnels in 2022.

One of the biggest reasons cutting-edge real estate companies prefer to work with me is my competitive nature! 

When you hire me as you real estate content writer it shows me you're serious about building sustainable growth and passive income streams for your real estate business. Then your competitors become my biggest targets & I go to work applying my proven strategies to ethically hack their sales funnels, analyze their SEO strategy and decipher exactly what needs to be done to steal all of their traffic.

Pretty flipping cool huh?!

Whether your biggest competitors are online of offline I have the solutions to ensure you come out on top every time and leave your competitors stumped.

Show me another real estate copywriter that knows how to do that! (hint: you'll spend your whole life looking).

Even my most shy and introverted clients love this benefit of my real estate writing services because it allows them to dominate the local market without being domineering in the real world. 

Writing real estate copy for your funnels and content that translates directly into money in the bank is a very real thrill for me. Keeping your competitors on edge just lights me up inside.

You have never seen a real estate content marketing strategy like this ever before...

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CONSULTINGFinding quality content is no easy task. Finding quality real estate content is like finding a needle in a haystack and forget about getting bells and whistles like SEO optimization. I have spent more than a decade and six figures investing in my real estate content marketing, SEO, copy writing and sales funnel hacking skill set and arsenal of proprietary tools that allow me to provide superior quality at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time. Not to mention I have an extensive background in the industry to power my knowledge-base. 

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Custom Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Stump Competitors

DESIGNI don't believe in wingin' it! That's why I use time-tested and proven scientific formulas to empower everything from my content marketing and SEO strategies to my real estate sales copy and real estate sales funnel strategies. The real estate industry is plagued with challenges and headaches but making it to the top of search engine results or converting your real estate services into products with passive income streams shouldn't be one of them. 

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Real Estate Copy & Content Formulas Proven To Grow Engagement

CONSULTINGThere's a critical, bank-breaking difference between real estate content being developed for SEO and sales copy which is designed to convert. I deploy proven formulas for both along with real data to show you how your content will outperform the competition. From property descriptions to entire books and everything in between - I've got  the best real estate copy and content marketing formulas of all time from the most successful marketers in history including Kern, Brunson, and more!

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The real estate industry is designed to make you fail and bankrupt you in the process while promising the rich and fabulous lifestyle. In fact, less than 10% of real estate agents make it 5 years! But I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen to you! My mission is to help you cut through all the bullshit & gimmicks and deliver a clear and custom real estate content strategy to help you attract your target on autopilot without breaking the bank. I know how hard it is to lose a business and I'm here to help you reach success (whatever that means to you).

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Trusted By The Biggest Brands In Real Estate For 6 Years & Counting!

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1. What makes you different from other content creators and copywriters?

I have sold more than 1 million words of content and copy in just five years because I bring a vast and unique body of knowledge about the real estate industry as a whole thanks to working in various jobs before launching my own company that included real estate title, real estate law, residential real estate marketing, and property management just to name a few. Not only will I craft your content with intention, but I will arm you with proven content marketing strategies to ensure that content is paying major dividends to you for many years to come.

2. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee for your custom real estate content? 

Absolutely. If you're not satisfied, I'm not either! I am not in this for the money...I'm in it for the transformations! I am addicted to helping real estate professionals realize their full potential and experience levels of success they didn't believe were truly achievable "for them" ever before. Not only have I never had a customer walk away unsatisfied, I've got the reviews and five-star rating to prove it. If you are nervous that you won't like the content you can always order a test first to get a taste of how it feels to work with me before making a bigger commitment. 

3. Do you have flexible pricing for your real estate content, sales copy and sales funnels? 

Yes! All of my products and services are designed to meet a variety of budgets and goals. Plus I offer 6 MONTHS INTEREST FREE FINANCING for all orders over $1,000 so you have the ability to grow your real estate business and generate an amazing ROI on your marketing investment for six whole months worry-free! Now that is a win-win!

4. I have a ton of questions about real estate branding, sales funnels, SEO, content and more! Can you help me?

Hell to the yes I can help you with all of that and more! If you have ever wanted to pick my brain and get personalized advice on exactly what I would do to solve all of your real estate marketing and branding problems then today is your lucky day! Simply book a Q&A Ask Me Anything call and come prepared with a list of your most burning questions! It has never been harder as a real estate agent or emerging real estate brand to form meaningful connections with your target audience in a way that keeps them buying and bragging about all you have to offer!

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