If you are a real estate agent or broker, you are probably wondering and speculating what the long term effects of the pandemic will be on the industry and your business. I get that this is a truly scary time.

However, I am on a mission to help each and every one of you not only understand what is to come, but prepare for it, and adopt the mindset you will need to come out on top as the long term effects of the crisis take hold.

In today’s post, we will examine:

  • How buying behavior is already changing in the industry

  • Why the rent crisis is going to be a major catalyst for change

  • What real estate niches are going to win & which will lose

  • How to communicate your value to attract the majority...

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If you are anything like most real estate agents, you didn’t even both to put a proper business plan in place before you started your real estate business. Odds are that means that you also don’t have an official marketing budget.

How do I know that?

Well, I have spent the last 4 ½ + years having the same conversation with tens of thousands of real estate agents when they call me to help fix their marketing and branding problems. In fact, I would estimate that about 10% of the agents that come to me for help have an official marketing budget.

So if all these other people are running their business without a proper marketing budget, why should you? I’ll dive into the sho...

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If you are anything like most successful business owners, you already understand that focusing on a niche is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way of generating real estate leads. You also know, it is the best way to give yourself a fighting chance to avoid becoming one of these statistics:

  • Agents with a real estate niche, earn an average of $35,000 more than agents without one.

  • 3% of real estate agents make more than $35,000 per year.

  • Approximately 90% of new real estate agents fail within the first three years.

Those numbers are more than enough to give even the most aggressive agent pause for a moment. This is exactly why I have spent so much time creating content for you over the years...

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If you are anything like most real estate agents, you feel like you spend enormous amounts of time explaining why there is value in hiring a real state agent. Everywhere you go you find people that believe that real estate agents are lazy and expect to get paid thousands of dollars for doing nothing. You and I know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The question is, how do you get them to realize how valuable you are?

How do you get your sphere to think of hiring you as their real estate agent as the obvious first step when they buy or sell real estate?

Just imagine how much more you could accomplish if every prospect you met believed in your value!

In today’s post, I am go...

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If you work in real estate in any capacity you have no choice but to build your social media presence. However, it is what you choose to post, when you choose to post, and how you post that will determine if you get flooded with qualified real estate leads from your social media.

If you are anything like most people in real estate, social media marketing and all of its rules causes more headaches than happy dances.

You’re not alone!

However, the truth is that it isn’t all that hard to post the right content at the right time in the right places if you know the strategy I use for creating massively profitable real estate brands all over the country. Not only am I going to share that...

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You know how there were some real estate agents that actually made their fortunes as a result of the last recession?

Have you been wondering how you could leverage the current situation to improve your real estate business rather than struggle to keep it afloat?

Would you be willing to reach out to your database with a new service offering if it meant:

  • Helping them save thousands on their homes

  • Generating tons of new leads from people that really need you now

  • You would stand out as the local agent that goes above and beyond

Of course, you would!

But if you’re like most real estate agents, you’re probably wondering how that could even be possible right now with the quarantine. Actua...

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You have heard of real estate agents getting clients from Facebook. You know it is possible, but as hard as you plug away at social, posting every day, you still aren’t getting any real leads.

So what’s missing?

My guess is that you aren’t using a proper sales funnel that:

  • Identifies people that want to buy or sell soon

  • Convinces them that you’re the right agent for them

  • Makes them eager to hire you

If you are anything like most real estate agents, brokers, and lenders, you are only posting listings, ads, and random content. However, if you are serious about wanting to attract the right people AND convert them, you need a hook.

After all, let’s assume that someon...

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These days there is a ton of buzz out there about mindset and programming yourself to be happier, healthier, and more purposeful in your life. However, just as your mindset can play a powerful role in your personal life, it can completely transform your real estate business.

In fact, there are a number of studies, including one done a few years ago by the Harvard Business Review that displays that when you set your mind in one direction or another you’re more likely to take actions that lead you there. For example, if you are regularly telling yourself that you have things holding you back from achieving your goals in real estate, you’re far more likely to fail.

Of course, the la...

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I understand that many real estate agents are allowing full-blown panic around COVID and the real estate market to set in right now. Especially, if you have never been through something like COVID in your real estate career. I will provide you with some extra reassurance that things will be okay later.

However, the main purpose of this post is to give you a bunch of actionable things you can do to both fill your schedule and fill your pipeline during these uncertain times. Beyond the obvious health concerns of our international community, there is a tremendous opportunity for you here to finally gain that leverage over your competition. If you are a new real estate agent, this is a chance fo...

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Let’s face it, when things are good in the real estate market, you’re flying high. However, when things become slow and the once rich well of real estate leads dries up it becomes downright terrifying!

Unless you were paying very close attention to the roadmap to wealth that was laid out by those that became more successful during the last recession, you’re probably feeling panicked by the idea of the market crashing.

That is understandable considering the fact that most agents never bring home more than $30K a year! Once the market tanks, that number gets much lower. For those of you that have been actively working full-time for two years or less, the median gross income i...

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