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6 Tips For Recruiting Teams To Your Brokerage
By Sarah Layton


Recruiting teams to your brokerage is very different from recruiting individual agents which means you are going to need a whole new marketing strategy.

Are you wondering what perks make teams desperate to come aboard?

Do you want to know how to build the most respected reputation in town?

Do you want a passive approach to scaling your brokerage? You’ve come to the right place! Embrace these six tips for recruiting teams to your brokerage and impact more people than you ever dreamed.

1. A Crystal-Clear Team Avatar Profile

The first step in any successful campaign is deciding exactly who you are going to target and then go to work dissecting them. The profile you create of your targeted t...

How Realtors & Brokers Need To Pivot To Succeed After COVID-19
By Jayaprakash_CML


If you are a real estate agent or broker, you are probably wondering and speculating what the long term effects of the pandemic will be on the industry and your business. I get that this is a truly scary time.

However, I am on a mission to help each and every one of you not only understand what is to come, but prepare for it, and adopt the mindset you will need to come out on top as the long term effects of the crisis take hold.

In today’s post, we will examine:

  • How buying behavior is already changing in the industry

  • Why the rent crisis is going to be a major catalyst for change

  • What real estate niches are going to win & which will lose

  • How to communicate your value to attract the majority ...

Is Your Real Estate Niche Wrong For You?
By Gowtham Munusamy


If you are anything like most successful business owners, you already understand that focusing on a niche is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way of generating real estate leads. You also know, it is the best way to give yourself a fighting chance to avoid becoming one of these statistics:

- Agents with a real estate niche, earn an average of $35,000 more than agents without one.

- 3% of real estate agents make more than $35,000 per year.

- Approximately 90% of new real estate agents fail within the first three years.

Those numbers are more than enough to give even the most aggressive agent pause for a moment. This is exactly why I have spent so much time creating content for you over the...

4 Essential Real Estate Social Media Posts
By Sharmila_CML


If you work in real estate in any capacity you have no choice but to build your social media presence. However, it is what you choose to post, when you choose to post, and how you post that will determine if you get flooded with qualified real estate leads from your social media.

If you are anything like most people in real estate, social media marketing and all of its rules causes more headaches than happy dances.

You’re not alone!

However, the truth is that it isn’t all that hard to post the right content at the right time in the right places if you know the strategy I use for creating massively profitable real estate brands all over the country. Not only am I going to share that...

Automatically Convert Real Estate Leads From Facebook For Free
By Jayaprakash_CML


You have heard of real estate agents getting clients from Facebook. You know it is possible, but as hard as you plug away at social, posting every day, you still aren’t getting any real leads.

So what’s missing?

My guess is that you aren’t using a proper sales funnel that:

  • Identifies people that want to buy or sell soon

  • Convinces them that you’re the right agent for them

  • Makes them eager to hire you

If you are anything like most real estate agents, brokers, and lenders, you are only posting listings, ads, and random content. However, if you are serious about wanting to attract the right people AND convert them, you need a hook.

After all, let’s assume that someone seri...

Is Your Broker Holding Your Back?
By Nithya_CML


One of the most common questions I see real estate agents asking all the time is how to choose a broker or if they should switch. Seriously, it is CONSTANT.

And you know what? I totally get that!

The broker that you choose to hang your license with does have a legitimate impact on your potential for success.

Now, don’t get it twisted. Anything and everything that goes right or wrong in your business is 100% on you! Therefore, your broker is not the one to blame if you’re not happy with how things are going. However, there are things that your broker can do or not do that can slow you down and hold you back or act as an additional obstacle.

One thing I am not going to get into today i...

How To Build A Reputable Real Estate Brokerage That Attracts Agents
By Nithya_CML


One of the most time-consuming and costly burdens of every real estate broker is building a team that produces and remains loyal.

Just like in any business, turnover in a real estate brokerage can be the ultimate Achilles heel.

If you are anything like most real estate brokers, you would much rather have a pool of applicant agents vying for positions on your team. However, without a positive reputation about your brokerage, that goal will never be more than a pipedream.

If you are ready to stop chasing after agents that will never rise to their full potential or will abandon ship as soon as they start to, today’s post is for you!

Focus On Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can be more tim...

3 Ways Your Real Estate Blog Will Build Your Team On Autopilot
By Sharmila_CML


You’ve already established your success as a real estate agent.

You know what it takes to get houses sold.

You know how to treat your real estate business like a real business.

That’s why you decided to become a broker and build your own team.

Now as a broker and a leader, your responsibilities and goals are dramatically different. If you want to make the big bucks as a broker, you have to get out of the open houses and step into the role of recruiter, trainer, and motivator. Once you master those skill sets, you will experience a whole new level of success in real estate.

Just like when you were an agent, there are a million people out there coaching you on all of the activitie...

The Ultimate Secret Weapon For Realtors & Brokers
By Nithya_CML


Up until now, I have been very secretive about the phrases and specific techniques that I use in the copy that I provide my clients.

Sure I tell you all that I use powerful neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques which hypnotize people into taking action without them ever knowing why. However, I have never divulged any specifics of the phrases or words that I use to make that happen.

In total, I have 22 go-to words and phrases that I use constantly in your listing descriptions, blogs, neighborhood profiles, and professional bios. Just like any magician, I can’t share all of my secrets with you.

However, I’m feeling particularly generous today which is why I have decided to sh...

50 Reasons Realtors, Brokers, Coaches, Investors & Lenders Must Create Real Estate Content
By Sharmila_CML


I am so excited to be writing this article as it is the 100th blog post here on BestRealEstateWriter.com!

As someone that has seen the never-ending benefits of creating custom content to promote their business, I felt compelled to take this 100th blog post and use it to share some of the many, many ways it could transform your business too.

I have been so lucky to be able to write thousands and thousands of articles for real estate agents, brokers, investors, coaches, and more. Seeing all of the amazing results that they have achieved (clients, referrals, commissions, Google domination) from the content I have given them has been nothing short of thrilling.

I want to see you enjoy those same...