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3 Reasons Having A Real Estate Podcast Is A No Brainer - Featured In Inman
By Nithya_CML

We are on the cusp of the audio revolution, which is going to blow video marketing out of the water. Why? Because audio content like podcasts and audiobooks allow us to multi-task in a world where we seem to never have enough time.

Video marketing took off because it was easier to consume that the written word. However, many videos require you to stop what you are doing and watch them. Audio, only require you to listen.

Time is the only currency and creating a podcast allows you to trade off of that.

As of right now, most agents and brokers have not discovered the power of podcasting and marketing audio content, which means you still have a shrinking opportunity to get in close to the ground floor.

New Way Of Networking

Many people have become turned off to the idea of attending networking events and meetings because they take up valuable time and offer disappointing results. However, that doesn’t mean that networking can’t help you grow your business.

Podcasting is a more modern and powerful way for agents and brokers to network and expand their reach.

Brokers that are trying to attract and train top talent for their team should interview various industry leaders and coaches to gain authority and credibility.

Agents should interview local business owners, real estate vendors, and local figures to make their name more synonymous with the city where they sell real estate.

Any time that you interview someone for an episode of your real estate podcast, you should ask that they share the episode with all of their followers too, which will help you capture the attention of new people for free. Using your podcast to network this way helps to make each interviewee a more loyal referral partner because they are grateful for the exposure you provide them.

Easy & Cheap To Produce

One of the greatest benefits of starting a real estate podcast is that it allows you to create a great deal of content both cheaply and easily.

Even if you don’t have a website to host your podcast, you can launch on the SoundCloud platform. It’s free to get started.

If you want to invest in a microphone you can, but you can get started without one, using your Iphone to record each episode.

Post-recording production could easily be done by a member of your team, or you could outsource it very inexpensively through platforms like Fiverr.

Another benefit of podcasting is that you can record and produce episodes in your pajamas in the comfort of your home, which makes them even easier than videos.

Improves Public Speaking Skills

Whether you are an agent or a broker, you are constantly being forced to speak with people. Many of those people are strangers that you are soliciting.

If you are going to be successful as an agent or a broker, you need to be a talented and savvy speaker.

One of the best ways to improve your skills as a speaker is through practice. Lots and lots of practice.

Creating a real estate podcast will give you a lot of valuable practice that will also allow you to engage with prospects and develop more valuable connections.

The sooner you launch your real estate podcast, the easier it will be for you to dominate the local market share on audio. It only takes a few minutes to get started, so there is no reason you can’t launch your real estate podcast today...or right now.