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4 Home-Run Headline Tips (Make Your Content Viral)
By Nithya_CML

Are you having trouble attracting readers to your blog? The problem could be that your headlines just aren't grabbing their attention. Follow these tips to create share-worthy headlines that will get you noticed and maybe even go viral!


  • Utilize emotion to make a big impact.

  • Supplement with jaw-dropping images and enticing videos that draw people in (hint:they're great for SEO too)

  • Promise value with how-to guides or free downloads that readers can't resist. That's a great way to convert more clients too.

  • Use funky numbers. Studies show that if you include unusual numbers in your headlines like "17 Celeb Photos you Never Thought you Would See!" are more successful.

2 Most Successful Headlines Formulas of all Time?

Want to know which to headline formulas writers use to attract more readers and make their posts go viral?

  • X Pictures that...

  • X Signs that you...

Start plugging these formulas into your blog headlines to start attracting more readers, converting more leads, and making more money today!