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4 Truths That Confirm You Don’t Understand Your Real Estate Blog
By Nithya_CML


Just because you have a real estate blog, doesn’t mean you understand it.

That might sound ridiculous, but if you are like most real estate pros with a blog, you are somewhat confused about what the purpose of your blog is, how to leverage it, and how much it is worth when used properly.

Better yet, if you haven’t started your real estate blog yet, it’s probably because of the reasons I just listed above.

Not only do I insist that you have a blog, but I want to ensure that you squeeze every ounce of value out of it and get rich from having it. I want it to attract high-quality leads for you. I want it to convert your ideal clients for you. I want it to give you more freedom.

But before your real estate blog can do any of that, you need to understand it better. Allow me to break it all down for you...

1. Your Blog Should Build Equity Into Your Website

Your real estate blog is more valuable than you probably think. Not only is it an effective way to drive traffic to your real estate website and help your target more familiar with you, but it can also be very lucrative.

Real estate agents retire every day. Most of them retire without a retirement package or plan. Did you know that your real estate blog and website can become your real estate retirement plan?!

That’s right! It is easy to sell your real estate website and blog for six or seven figures when you retire if you build it the right way. In fact, it happens ALL THE TIME!

Granted, you have to have a large library of highly-developed, strategic content on your real estate blog and website, along with a valuable domain name.

2. Your Blog Needs To Be Psychological

Blogging for the sake of blogging is all well and fine, but without psychology it is less likely to be effective as a sales generator.

Your real estate blog needs to be heavily infused with psychology and neuro linguistic programming which plays off of your ideal clients’ fears and desires. This means that special attention needs to be paid to the words selected and the phrasing of your sentences. Psychology teaches us that fear is one of the biggest motivators and you need to thoroughly understand how to leverage language to incite fear and action throughout your real estate content the way that I do.

3. Your Real Estate Blog Is A Networking Tool

Networking in real estate, like most things, has become a digital activity and your blog is a fantastic networking tool.

I teach all of my clients to use their real estate blog to feature local businesses, political figures, and events. All of which, offer the opportunity for you to network with members of your local community and get free exposure.

You can also use your real estate blog to feature various vendors that are relevant and get them to do the same for you. This is a lucrative way to extract more value from your photographers, title companies, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, handymen, etc..

4. Your Real Estate Blog Should Talk About More Than Real Estate

Please create content that for your real estate blog that is about much more than real estate. It needs to be about the community and the people that make it such an amazing place to live. It needs to be about the events, the news, the politics, and issues that affect the people you want to attract to you.

My mission for all of my clients is to transform them into the digital mayor of their market. This should be your goal as well, since NAR reports nearly 100% of all real estate transactions originate from an online search. The best way to turn yourself into the local digital mayor is to create tons of hyper-local content.

Need some inspo? Grab my list of 11 Hyper-local Real Estate Content Ideas to turn yourself into the digital mayor of your local market using your real estate blog.

The Fastest Way To Start Making Money From Your Real Estate Blog

If you are like most successful real estate pros, you know you have to rely on the help of experts like accountants, coaches, and marketers to grow and manage your business.

Your real estate blog is one element of your business that can pay you infinite rewards and returns. However, it is NOT an activity that should be apart of your personal routine. Your real estate blog should be left to a professional real estate writer like myself that understands real estate, SEO, psychology, and the best practices of content marketing.

I’d love to hear all about your goals and share how your real estate blog can accomplish them for you.

If you want to start generating better leads, with less work, and higher returns book a free strategy call with me.