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5 Steps To Writing The Perfect Real Estate Property Description
By Sarah Layton


Nobody loves to sit down and write another real estate listing description.

If you are like most real estate agents, writing compelling, effective sales copy for your real estate listings is one of the most annoying and painful parts of your job. Trying to overcompensate for an inflated sales price, making a low square footage seem livable, crafting an attention-grabbing opening statement that not just attracts buyers but stops them in their tracks are just a few of the common challenges you could be facing when writing a real estate listing description.

Oh, and don't forget to find that perfect CTA that gets agents and potential buyers to pick up the phone and book a showing immediately!

Even if you love to write, creating listing descriptions for the MLS can be boring and challenging. After all, how many ways can you possibly describe a listing?!

If you can’t afford to hire me to write your listing descriptions for you, don’t worry because this post will help you generate perfect listing descriptions every time.

Step 1. Highlight The Property’s Best Selling Features

When you take a listing, you are signing up to sell someone else’s product (the house).

As you know, when you go to sell anything, you have to be able to first identify that product’s most sellable features and be able to translate those home features to potential buyers.

Real estate marketing (especially when we are talking about listings) is no different.

Think about the best selling features of the property before you start writing and make them the focus. Even if they are not obvious, it is your job to sniff out the perks whether they be size, architecture, investment potential, age, etc..

Then think about the potential pool of buyers that are most likely to be interested in making an offer on a property that has those unique home features. That will tell you a lot about your ad targeting.

Even if your listing is a total dump, there are some benefits that you can draw out to highlight in the listing description that aren’t otherwise obvious. That is your job as the listing agent.

Step 2. Avoid Your Instincts To Describe The Property In Detail

One of the most common mistakes that I see every day with listing descriptions is that they give a lame summary of everything that is in the listing details.

There is literally no fucking point in saying the same thing in the listing description that is in the summary at the top.

For example, the MLS description already says how many bedrooms and bathrooms the house contains so you don’t need to drone on and on in the copy about how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are. It is a waste of space, time, and attention.

Instead of just restating the number of bedrooms or spending too much time talking about features like hardwood floors or stainless steel appliances give more descriptive details of the benefits that each room offers.

Step 3. Select Strategic Emotions

When sitting down to write your next real estate description, make sure you remember to include strategic emotions.

Emotions are the active ingredient in any piece of effective sales copy.

That does not mean that you have to explicitly use the names of the emotions right within the content. Instead, you should brainstorm the emotions that you want to invoke in the reader.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions to leverage in order to force people to take action.

Let’s say you wanted to play off of people’s fears with a hurricane-proof waterfront listing in the tropics. You can talk about how safe and secure they will feel knowing that their home has had the most modern upgrades to protect the property in the event of a storm.

The most effective and creative listing descriptions don’t just use descriptive words to describe the listing but to really capture the emotional epicenter of the reader and drive them to follow any call to action.

Step 4. Welcome Them To The Neighborhood

Everyone knows that location is a major factor for people when they are searching for their perfect home.

Do not make the mistake of failing to talk about the location and the neighborhood. Not only will talking about the location help boost the SEO of the listing description, it gives a clearer picture of the lifestyle that comes with the home.

Remember, you’re selling a lifestyle more than you are selling a brick-and-mortar property.

Make sure that you include nearby attractions, proximity to nearby cities, and anything else that could be a selling point to living in that house.

Step 5. Toss Out The Cliche Words

When you write your property descriptions, please don’t use lame cliche words. You know it doesn’t paint you in the best light to your clients or anyone else when you take that easy way out.

Don’t think for a minute that your clients haven't seen a thousand other listing descriptions before and won’t recognize the lack of effort you put in when you describe their cottage as “charming”.

There are plenty of other words out there to use other than “quaint” and “charming” and you are more than capable of using them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlight the most sellable home features of the property

  • Consider the pool of buyers those features are most likely to attract

  • Describe the lifestyle

  • Don’t forget to talk about the neighborhood

  • Skip cliche words that don’t paint you in a positive light to other potential listing clients

Love Listing Properties But Dread Writing The Property Descriptions For The MLS?

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