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Automatically Convert Real Estate Leads From Facebook For Free
By Jayaprakash_CML


You have heard of real estate agents getting clients from Facebook. You know it is possible, but as hard as you plug away at social, posting every day, you still aren’t getting any real leads.

So what’s missing?

My guess is that you aren’t using a proper sales funnel that:

  • Identifies people that want to buy or sell soon

  • Convinces them that you’re the right agent for them

  • Makes them eager to hire you

If you are anything like most real estate agents, brokers, and lenders, you are only posting listings, ads, and random content. However, if you are serious about wanting to attract the right people AND convert them, you need a hook.

After all, let’s assume that someone seriously getting ready to list or buy lands on your real estate Facebook page. Why would they decide to hire you over the competition based solely on that page? What is in it for them? What are you offering that other people are not?

For nearly all of you reading this right now, the answer is they wouldn’t which is why you’re here right now.

But what if I told you that with the easy implementation of a strategic sales funnel, you would not only attract more serious buyers and sellers but actually convert them?

In today’s post, I’m going to blow your mind with my super simple method of:

  • Getting the attention of eager buyers and sellers

  • Automatically collecting their contact information and reasons for wanting to buy or sell

  • Earning their trust so they reach out to hire you when they’re ready

  • Shortening the length of your sales process

The best part?

You won’t have to purchase a single lead or Facebook ad to make all of this happen! So if you are ready to start getting amazing results for less money in less time, you’re in the right place.


What Is A Real Estate Lead Magnet?

You already know what lead magnets are because you have been attracted to them probably thousands of times before online. Essentially, a lead magnet is anything you give away to people in exchange for their contact information like their name and email address.

Lead magnets play a critical role in a sales funnel by attracting people to the funnel in the first place so you can continue to follow up with them until they buy.

Lead Magnet------> Email Drip Campaign/CRM------>Conversion

In real estate, a strategic lead magnet can dramatically impact your business by not only starting to attract the right people to you at the right time, but save you a fortune in marketing, and grow your brand. Common types of lead magnets include:

  • Buyer’s guides

  • Seller’s guides

  • Quizzes

  • Ebooks

  • Checklists

At this point, the two most common lead magnets used in the real estate industry are the “free home valuations”. However, if you are anything like most people you realize that those are so overdone that they don’t work anymore which is why it is so important that you select something more strategic.

What Type Of Real Estate Lead Magnet Should You Use?

Did you know that Neil Patel reports that when you implement an inbound marketing sales funnel with a lead magnet you will see a 300% higher ROI?!

The trick is choosing the right lead magnet for the audience you are trying to attract.

When the time comes for you to start building your collection of lead magnets you should obviously think about your real estate niche first and foremost. If your lead magnets are going to work they need to solve the most common problems of your ideal clients while positioning you as an expert and indicating their interest level.

To better understand what I mean, let’s take a look at a few examples of niches and lead magnets that make sense for them:

  • If you are specializing in first-time homebuyers, you could crush it with a quiz to evaluate if they are ready to buy or when they will be able to buy.

  • Specializing in people downsizing? Your niche would love a branded guide with checklists on everything they need to navigate the downsizing process.

  • For lenders looking to attract buyers something like a branded pre-approval checklist is a great indicator that someone needs your services.

The best lead magnets will not only be branded but will indicate to you that the person is interested in the services you have to offer while also indicating how soon they might need them. It is also a good idea to have several (at least 5-10) lead magnets out there so that you can test what works best for your audience.

Remember, if someone that opts-in to your sales funnel from your real estate lead magnet but indicates they won’t need you for a year or two, that is still a win. You now have that time to develop a deeper relationship with them, earn their referrals, and you will get a paycheck down the line which you will need just as badly as you need it now. For this reason, you should have email drip campaigns in place for people of different qualification levels like three months or less, six months to a year, 18 months, etc.

The Easiest Way To Create Real Estate Lead Magnets

Okay, so now that you understand that even one strategic real estate lead magnet could result in 300% higher ROI, you’re probably wondering how fast you can put one into action to start collecting leads.

When it comes to implementing a new real estate sales funnel, here is what you will need:

  • A lead magnet that solves a key problem

  • A landing page or opt-in page on your real estate website

  • A corresponding email drip campaign to nurture the lead after opting-in

  • A process for following up and setting the appointment

Although it can take a bit of work upfront, the payoff is so huge you would be crazy not to start implementing these funnels into your business. The amount of work you will need to invest depends on one thing; will you guess your way all the way through, or have it done for you?

Although it isn’t brain surgery, creating beautifully branded and professional looking lead magnets can be very time consuming if you have never done it before. Between the research, software learning curve, design time, and optimization you could easily spend an entire day building just one lead magnet.

However, if you are like most people in the real estate industry you don’t have lots of extra time to waste on things like learning how to design lead magnets. So if you don’t feel overly confident in your graphic design, SEO, psychology, and branding expertise, you can save yourself tons of time and frustration by using inexpensive but professionally designed real estate lead magnet templates like these from The Best Real Estate Shop (new lead magnets added weekly).

The great thing about using professional templates like the ones from The Best Real Estate Shop is that it takes all of the time-consuming guesswork out and gives you the peace of mind that it will work. All you have to do is add your own logo and branding in a few simple clicks and voila you’re done! Again, the more lead magnets you use, the better idea you will have of what works and what doesn’t so you can optimize and expand your sales funnels.

Sharing Your Real Estate Lead Magnets To Social Media

Once you have your sales funnel built with your fancy new lead magnets, you need to get loud on social to promote them. In a moment, I will dive into my strategy for promoting them on social media without buying ads but first, here are other strategic places to promote your lead magnets:

  • Your real estate website

  • Your real estate podcast

  • Your real estate email-newsletter

  • Your real estate blog

  • Your real estate vlog and webinars

  • Your Pinterest

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. However, my all-time favorite strategy is to use Facebook Groups that already host large portions of your ideal clients. For example, since I am targeting all types of different real estate professionals, I belong to hundreds of real estate Facebook Groups where I actively engage with members, offer my advice, and share my lead magnets.

In fact, there is a good chance you’re reading this right now because of a post in one of those groups as I get tens of thousands of people reading my blog this way every month!

The key is to not constantly advertise but to offer up something of value in these groups that will genuinely help people solve a problem or reach a goal. For example, I don’t go into those groups and post that I am a real estate copywriter and content marketing strategist. I look for people that are posting questions and I answer those questions, share content like this blog, or offer up a resource that can help them. In exchange, I never have to waste a single cent on ads to have a six-figure business.

Just imagine how different your life would be if one year from now your marketing ROI was up 300%. How much more freedom would you have? How much happier would you be?

Perhaps you could finally afford to take an overdue vacation or hire that assistant to help you take your business to the next level.

Perhaps you would find yourself finally having more control over your business.

Perhaps you would be able to discover that elusive work-life balance now that you’re not wasting so much time on outdated things like door-knocking.

How grateful to yourself would you be in a year with all those results because today you decided to invest in building or buying strategic lead magnets?! If you think you would be massively grateful, just imagine the gratitude your family will have that you invested in their future this way?

The time to randomly waste money on various marketing ideas that may or may not work has long gone. The time to get smart, strategic, and streamlined in your business is here and these lead magnets are one of the best ways to do just that.