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Back To Basics: Real Estate Email Campaigns
By Sarah Layton

Real Estate Emails Campaigns

Statistics on real estate email marketing campaigns are plentiful and you can actually use those statistics to your advantage. The more information you gather the more you can use it to your benefit. In this article I will give you 5 statistics that you should be aware of when planning your real estate advertising campaign and use them to get better results. Statistics like these will allow you to plan your advertising campaigns better and save you time in the long run.

The first set of statistics pertains to the response rates that you will encounter when you launch your own campaign. The higher the response rate, the more responses you will have, and the more customers you will have who are interested in buying real estate. This will take some time but is definitely worth the effort.

The second set of statistics pertains to customer attrition rate. This simply means how many people who receive your email to sign up or call your office or store to learn more about the real estate market in your area. If you email campaigns are successful, then the people receiving your emails are interested in buying real estate. However, if your email campaigns are sending messages to people who are not interested in purchasing the property, then you are wasting your time.

Time is money. When you talk about real estate email campaigns, this really does ring true. It takes time for people to read through email, digest it and respond. You can therefore focus your time on ways in which you can make your messages stand out and let people know that you are there to solve their problems.

Another stat you need to know about your real estate email campaigns is the number of email recipients you have on your subscriber list. The bigger your list, the better. This means that you can plan your email campaigns more effectively so that you reach the right people and present your messages in the best light.

Another stat that you need to be aware of relates to response time. Real estate is very time-sensitive. In other words, if you do not launch your email campaign in a timely manner, you are losing out on a potential sale of a property.

Lastly, take a look at open rates. You may think that having hundreds or thousands of open rates doesn't matter that much. After all, hundreds of open rates doesn't really mean anything. However, if you want to be successful with your real estate email campaigns, you need to take a close look at open rates because they are an important start to analyze.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many factors that go into the success of your real estate email campaigns. Some of them may seem obvious but keep in mind that others may be overlooked. Take some time to thoroughly analyze the factors that contribute to the success of your campaigns and then implement them.

Relevancy is a huge factor when it comes to real estate email campaigns. Make sure that your emails really address the needs of the audience you are trying to reach. Your emails should also avoid sounding like over-the-top sales pitches. List building rules number one - never talk about your own product in your email campaign. Your emails should only talk about properties that are directly related to the ones you are advertising.

If you are using an email marketing software, make sure that it will provide you with tracking statistics. This will enable you to see how many times your advertisements were viewed and by which people. If you can target certain demographics, this will be a great way to increase your real estate agent business.

With all the factors discussed above in mind, you will probably have a better idea of how to create and run successful real estate email campaigns. Real estate email campaigns are an effective way to advertise your services. However, there are some things to keep in mind in order to make sure that your emails are as effective as they can be. The information provided above will certainly help you in your campaign and will help you create and develop campaigns that are truly effective and will help you draw in more clients.

You must remember that email is still a very powerful marketing tool, regardless of what it is used for. It is a cheap and effective way to get the message out about your company. So while the efficiency of your real estate campaign is dependent upon your ability to build effective email campaigns, the effectiveness of your email campaign depends on your ability to effectively market through email. Remember that each time you send out an email, it is recorded and may eventually end up in your client's Inbox. Take the time to learn how to do this effectively and you will be one step closer to increasing your income from real estate by becoming a real estate agent.