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How To Attract Luxury Real Estate Clients With Copy
By Sarah Layton


Wondering how to become a luxury real estate agent?

Most real estate agents are overwhelmed at the idea of trying to break into the luxury real estate market.

They worry that they won’t be able to fit it.

They worry they need an expensive car.

They think they need to wear designer clothes.

None of those superficial distractions will transform you into the prolific luxury real estate agent that you dream of being.

All you truly need to attract and close luxury real estate clients is powerful sales and marketing copy based on proven psychological formulas that have sold billions of dollars in products and services.

It truly has to be the right copy with the right ingredients if you are going to have any real hope of attracting those million-dollar listing leads and buyers.

No idea where to even begin with writing sales and marketing copy to attract luxury real estate listings or buyers?

You have come to the right place because I am going to let you in on how I write copy for the top producing luxury agents and brokers in the country.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you:

  • How to use psychology in your real estate copy

  • Where to incorporate copy for the biggest impact

  • The easiest way to get started in the luxury real estate niche

If you want to stop wasting your money on real estate marketing tactics that don’t work and make luxury real estate clients eager to hire you, this post is for you!

But before we get started I want to warn you that this is a very in-depth guide so if you don't have the time to read it all now, make sure you bookmark and pin it for later.


Inject Your Real Estate Copywriting With Psychology

Luxury real estate is a very delicate niche. Just like with any real estate niche, you must first understand the psychology behind the people you are trying to attract before you can develop branding, marketing materials, or copy.

You need to have a deep understanding of who these people are, what makes them tick, and what keeps them up at night.

You MUST know their pain points.

Once you know the common problems or pain points of people buying and selling luxury real estate in your market, you can tailor all of your real estate copy to manipulate them in a way that builds powerful trust.

As you start to improve the value of your real estate content by solving your ideal client’s problems and helping them reach their goals, they will start to gravitate to you in a shocking way!

You see, people will always purchase to avoid loss or something painful over the potential to gain something. Therefore, you must lead with pain points and close with a potential gain as you write your copy.

Using NLP As A Real Estate Copywriting Secret Weapon

The next level of implementing psychology into your copy is understanding neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Since neuro refers to neurology, linguistic refers to language, and programming refers to how they interact with one another, learning NLP is like learning how to train the mind with words.

Not just any words though; you have to be very specific in the words that you use to be successful with NLP.

I use NLP in everything I write. In fact, this blog is riddled with it.

The beauty of using NLP in your real estate copy is that it is undetectable to the people reading it but is extremely powerful in causing people to take whatever action you want them to. Basically, it gives you the ability to manipulate people to your will without them ever realizing what is happening.

Pretty cool, huh?!

To better demonstrate how subtle the differences are between regular language and the NLP version check out this example:

Regular language: Lots of people like to hire a real estate agent to buy a house.

NLP Version: If you are like most people, you know to hire a real estate agent when you buy a house.

Now let me break the NLP version down for you and explain each component. In the first part of the sentence (If you are like most people), the reader’s desire to be like others is being used to draw them into the action they are supposed to take in the second part of the sentence.

**Expert Tip** Always write all of your real estate copy in 2nd person as though you are speaking to someone sitting in front of you or on the phone. Second person is scientifically proven to be the most effective when it comes to psychology and sales copy in every industry.

Become The Local Luxury Real Estate Expert

Wondering how to get luxury listings on a regular basis?

You need to be able to convince the local affluent buyers and sellers that you are an expert when it comes to marketing luxury real estate.

Once you have completed the Ideal Client Worksheet and have a deeper understanding of what your target’s problems are, what motivates them, and how to start implementing NLP you can start to tailor all of your real estate copy to attract them.

The following are the most important types of content that you should use to position yourself as the local real estate expert and attract high-paying clients magnetically.

Luxury Neighborhood Profiles

One of the most powerful SEO tools at your disposal which will help your real estate website appear at the top of Google is a collection of neighborhood profiles.

Your goal should be the local agent with the most neighborhoods covered in the most extensive way.

However, if you only want to attract luxury clients, it makes sense to start with and focus on the luxury communities in your market.

Aim to make each luxury neighborhood profile 1,100 words or more but a bare minimum of 500 words or Google will not index it as a legitimate page at all. To learn more about what you should include in each neighborhood profile check out my article The Secret Way To Outrank Zillow.

Relevant Blog Posts

Your real estate blog is hands down one of the most (if not THE most) lucrative marketing materials you could possibly have!

Not only does it position you as a local expert, allow you to make passive income, get you to the top of Google, and earn the trust of your ideal clients but it can also be repurposed into many other types of content that will all do the same thing.

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Strategic Listing Descriptions

Your listing descriptions are a very important part of your professional portfolio and must be written correctly if you want to win luxury listings.

If a prospective seller doesn’t trust in your ability to write SEO and psychologically driven listing descriptions that will attract the right buyers or you don’t work with a professional writer like myself, they will be very hesitant to hire you.

An Unexpected Agent Bio

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood marketing materials used by real estate agents today is their agent bio. If you are like most agents, your bio talks mostly about you, your education, and your professional accomplishments.

Guess what…

That is completely WRONG!

Don’t feel bad because like I said, most people make this mistake.

Instead, your bio should again tap into those pain points and goals of your ideal client and while speaking in the second person demonstrate how much you understand where they are coming from. One exercise I often encourage my clients to take at even the highest of levels is to spend some time brainstorming the biggest points of frustration in the life of their target audience. Really dig deep to feel what they feel before you begin.

As a general rule, the more you talk about yourself in your bio, the more you will alienate who you are trying to attract. The more you talk about them, the more clients you will earn.

Don’t underestimate the value and power of your agent bio either. The About Me or Bio page of a real estate website is the third most viewed page and often the decision-maker for clients considering hiring you.

Again, I will be happy to write a new bio for you in a way that speaks to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients but if you prefer to write it yourself, be sure you follow the tips I outline in my article 5 Tips For Writing Your Real Estate Website About Me Page.

Want Help Getting Your Luxury Real Estate Copy Up To Snuff?

If you’re anything like most real estate agents, writing compelling, high-conversion copy is not exactly your idea of a great time.

Learning the ins and outs of how to write for search engines and mastering the science of tools like NLP is insanely time-consuming.

At the end of the day, if you want to become the local luxury real estate expert, it is your job to focus on real estate...not copywriting.

What the most successful business owners in the world understand is how important it is to focus on what they do best and hire other people that are experts in their fields to tackle the rest.

My passion and expertise are providing the best real estate copywriting services and content marketing strategies in the United States to agents that would rather have clients chase them than pay a fortune to chase after clients.

I would love to help you attract your ideal luxury property and affluent buyer clients and become the local real estate expert by providing you with the copy that you need to seduce them into hiring you for all of their luxury home marketing.