How To Get Real Estate Leads From LinkedIn Right Now

By Sarah Layton

Houses are bought and sold every day by connections that were made on LinkedIn.

Are you one of the real estate agents that are regularly closing those deals?

Many real estate agents and brokers have no idea what a goldmine LinkedIn is because they haven’t invested any time into taking a few easy steps to make it work for them. Meanwhile, those that have, are cleaning up!

The following stats display how popular LinkedIn is among the most sought-after buyers and sellers:

  • LinkedIn had 500 million users and growing.

  • 44% of LinkedIn users earn $75,000 a year or more.

  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn to connect and network.

Those impressive numbers prove that your ideal clients and referral partners on LinkedIn like ripe fruit just waiting to be plucked by someone. Will it be you?

I know it can be tricky trying to figure out how to get leads from various platforms like LinkedIn, so I’m going to break it all down for you. Make sure to stick around to the very end too, for a special offer from me and my LinkedIn Profile Checklist.

Complete & Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You can’t expect buyers and sellers to find you or take you hire you if you don’t first take the time to fully develop and optimize your LinkedIn profile. Filling out all of the essential portions of your profile and including the right keywords will help you to both get found by more potential clients and referral partners.

The following are key for getting clients and referrals from your profile:

Your Tagline - The tagline messes is where almost everyone screws up. Usually, people try to get cute and creative by saying something ambiguous in their tagline, thinking it will make them stand out. The problem with that is that it hurts your SEO and doesn’t clearly state what you do. Don’t make that mistake.

Your Summary - Your profile summary is the same as your website’s “about me” page, which means it is a sales pitch. However, most people make the mistake of making this all about them in an effort to sell. Instead, address the common problems and desires of your ideal clients and show (don’t tell) them how you are the answer to their prayers.

Your Information - There is also a section on your profile where you can include your website and other platforms that you may wish to send people to. Include your most important ones. You can see the section below.


Earn The Trust Of Home Buyers & Sellers

Your Articles - It can be argued that the most important asset of a highly-lucrative LinkedIn profile, like mine, is the articles featured on your profile. Write as many original, hyper-local real estate articles of 500+ words as you possibly can. At least 3 per week is suggested.

The more articles that you have on your LinkedIn profile with your name on them, the more credible, successful, and desirable you will be. Even if people pursuing your profile never read them all, they will see right away that you are so knowledgeable about what you do, that you were able to publish dozens or hundreds of articles on the subject.

Your Media - At the bottom of the profile summary there is an area where you can upload any media that you have. This is a great place for you to include your videos, podcast episodes, media kits, and any other media that shows off how lucky people would be to work with you.

Get Connected With Your Ideal Clients

LinkedIn is all about building valuable connections. However, many people don’t take advantage of how easy it is to build lucrative relationships on the platform.

It shocks me how many agents and brokers don’t use this free resource!

Follow the steps below to find, connect with, and build relationships with your ideal clients.

Step 1: Run A Search For Professionals In Your City

Start by running a search for professionals in your city.

If you are interested in targeting a particular type of professional, enter that in the search instead and then narrow the search results by using the filters to select your target area. For example, if you are a real estate agent looking to connect with senior living facility managers and marketers to get more referrals of seniors, you will type “assisted living manager” into the search and then filter by your city.

Narrow the search further by selecting only 2nd and 3rd connections so that you can extend your reach and grow your network more effectively.

Step 2: Reach Out With A Personalized Message

Once you have your search results, it is time to start reaching out and connecting with your targets. It can be tempting to breeze through this process by opting out of sending each person a message but fight that urge. A personalized invitation to connect (not the one that LinkedIn provides) is the best way to guarantee that your request is reviewed and accepted.

Step 3: Follow-up With More Value

Once they have accepted your request to connect, it is time to start building your relationship by following up with another message to get them talking or interested in getting to know you further.

There are two approaches you can take here:

  1. You can send an open-ended message that includes personal details about them. For example “I see that you are a senior living facility manager here in Tulsa. I love spending time with seniors! What made you choose your line of work?”.

  2. You can send a message that includes a personal detail and offers a piece of content that you have created that would be relevant and provide value to the recipient.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that you are providing them with genuine value the first three rounds of interaction you have. After that, go in for a punch by getting them into your funnel, inviting them to an event, or making any other soft request that you have.

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Pay-It-Forward & Get Paid

The best way to get people to take any desired action is to guilt them into it. Seriously!

The more that you inject altruism into your business and marketing practices, the faster your business will grow.

The more that you give to others on platforms like LinkedIn, the more deals you will close and more valuable referral partners you will gain.

The real estate content that you produce and publish on LinkedIn Publisher is a very strong starting place to provide that value. However, there are several other ways that you can continue to give to you connections and guilt them into doing whatever you want.


Endorsing your ideal clients’ and referral partners’ skills on LinkedIn is a great way to grab their attention, give them value, and guilt them into doing something in return for you. Not to mention, it is one of the fastest, easiest ways of doing so! Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!!!! You should make it a goal to give at least 30-50 endorsements to your ideal clients every day.

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