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How To Put A Fresh Spin On A Tired Real Estate Blog Topic
By Sharmila_CML


We’ve all seen them, the real estate topics that have practically been beaten to death on every real estate blog across the web.

While you may be hesitant to write about those same old topics like moving, buying your first house, or how to start investing in real estate, those are often the topics you need to include to position yourself as the local expert.

Not including many of these topics will result in your readers going elsewhere for the same information.

So how do you cover the conventional real estate blog topics without sounding lame?

In today’s best real estate writer post, I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite methods for taking an overdone topic and adding your unique flare to make it more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Use An Analogy To Separate Yourself

Let’s face it, many of the commonly covered real estate blog topics are really basic in their nature. That makes it even easier to glaze over the topic in a way that makes the content boring.

However, if you tie the topic to an analogy, you can instantly add some much-needed flavor that delivers more appeal and value. An analogy can be much more thought-provoking and fun to read which will help you grow your list of subscribers (and clients hehe).

To create an analogy, pick something outside of real estate to tie the topic to. If you can manage to tie it to something that is unique about you or your ideal clients that is even better.

For example, you could write something like “How Buying A Home In Tucson Compares To Skydiving”.

You can draw out analogies from just about anywhere so let your imaginations run wild. Popular movies, common life experiences, television shows, and books can all lend themselves well to this method. Just make sure that you draw a distinct comparison so you don’t lose your readers along the way.

Work Together With Other Real Estate Bloggers

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me for a while, you know I am a SUPERFAN of real estate blog collabs!

When you collaborate with other real estate bloggers on a topic, say “How To Make The Most Of Refinancing Your Portland Home” with your favorite lender, you both win!

Not only do these posts propel your positions as local experts, improve your SEO, and increase your reach, but they allow you to bounce ideas off of each other to inject more flair into the blog.

I also suggest that you be upfront with your readers from the beginning about the fact that the topic has been done before, but explain to them how you and your collab partner are going to deliver something different. Let them know right away that this won’t be the same old post they’ve seen time and time again in your intro.

Get Really Deep

Long-form real estate blogs are a heart-stoppingly powerful way to climb the ranks of the search engines very quickly.

To be clear, when I say long-form here I am referring to posts that are at least 1,500 words long.

One of my favorite ways to help my clients get their real estate blogs to outrank their competitors is to take many of these common topics and dig deeper to explain everything in much greater detail. The key here is to only select topics that are worthy of the length.

Let’s say for example that you wanted to do a how-to guide to attract local real estate investors in your market. Rather than staying surface-level a brushing over the basics, you could write out loads of details, examples, and stories to highlight your expertise. Bonus points for including videos, pictures, and relevant downloads with the post (to boost your SEO and subscriber list).

Just remember to keep everything hyperlocal and completely tailored to the interests, goals, and problems of your ideal clients and allow your personality to shine through in the copy.

Want More Help With Your Real Estate Blog?

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