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How To Revive Your Old Real Estate Blog Posts
By Nithya_CML


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As someone that has written THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of blog posts, I have full appreciation for just how much effort is poured into creating them.

Of course, I am a writer by profession so it comes a bit easier to me than most of you that are simply trying to bolster your real estate career with content.

Therefore, I know that the amount of effort that you must dedicate to each post probably exceeds my own. That being said, it sucks when you see your blogs reach their peak and then slowly disappear into the archives.

Of course, they are always working for you from an SEO standpoint to help you rank at the top of search engines, but they could be doing more.

The good news is that you don’t have to let those older real estate blogs sit around and collect dust in your archives!

Today, I am going to share some simple and quick strategies you can use to breathe new life into those older posts in order to drive even more traffic to your money-making real estate blog and website.

Update For SEO

If you have a few minutes of downtime, or perhaps don’t have it in you to write a full blog post today, go back and look for older posts that could stand an update. Maybe, it was a post where you gave advice that no longer rings true. Perhaps your opinion on a matter has changed. Or perhaps there has been a turn of events that creates an opportunity for you to give a new spin on the same topic. Regardless, the update to the content will work in your favor because it will communicate some warm and fuzzy messages to the Google gods.

Write A Follow-Up Post

Remember that post that you wrote back in 2018 about why it is so important to stage your home? Now you could write a follow-up post about different ways to go about staging your home yourself or how to hire a staging company. You could compare the differences between virtual staging and real staging. You could write about cost-effective ways to stage. See where I’m going here? The key to getting the most out of this is to include links to all of the other articles on the same topic to keep your readers engaged with your content for as long as possible.

Similar Topic Links

That leads me to repeat myself here. Every single one of your blog posts should include links to other posts you’ve written that are also relevant to the topic. They can be woven within the content itself or displayed more obviously. If you are looking for visual ways to break up the text of your post, include the hyperlinked blog cover image or pin of those relevant posts within the body.

Create Some New Pins

If you aren’t already using Pinterest to drive traffic to your real estate blog you have no idea what you’re missing! However, if you are, you may want to create some new pins for those older posts of yours. Avid Pinterest users that frequently follow the same topics become blind to the pins that they see all of the time. Therefore, taking five minutes to create some new pins and load them into your Tailwind could do wonders for getting better results with Pinterest. As a rule, though, I always create at least two pins for every post in order to A/B test them using Tailwind and I suggest you do as well.

Include Them In Your “Popular Posts”

Another fundamental of blogging that will help you to drive, and hold onto traffic, is to promote your most popular posts throughout your blog and website. This can be done in the sidebar, at the top or bottom of every post, as a separate tab on your site. It is totally up to you, but it can do WONDERS for your conversion rates with both affiliate marketing and actual clients.


As I was approaching the end of my first year of this blog, I found I was spending an ENORMOUS amount of time going back into my archives to find blog posts I wanted to reference or my affiliate links, not to mention a million other things. Then the lightbulb went off!

I create a spreadsheet that contains the link to every blog post, youtube video, podcast episode, social media account, affiliate account and link, and everything else I need to quickly reference. I use tabs to separate them by category to make it even easier to grab the link to whatever I’m looking for. This spreadsheet, which is always running in my browser, literally saves me at least an hour per day! It took some time to set up in the beginning but I couldn’t function without it now as I have thousands of links that I need quick and easy access to.

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