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Real Estate Agents: 3 Ways To Maximize Your ROI With Content Marketing
By Nithya_CML

If you have decided to start blogging and marketing real estate content for your real estate business, you may find yourself getting frustrated with the results. I commend you first for coming to the good side and recognizing the value in real estate content marketing.


However, I know it can be frustrating to pour in the time or money on a professional real estate content marketer, if you aren't seeing any results. I don't want you to feel discouraged so I am offering three tips to maximize your return on investment so you can start converting more online leads and closing more sales.

1. Use Your Content To Sell Lifestyles To High-End Clients

When you first start out as an agent you are over the moon just to get a property under contract. However, as you grow in your career, your priorities change and you start reaching for the higher hanging fruit by prospecting for higher-end clients. Then you learn that selling luxury real estate is not just about selling a house; it is about selling a lifestyle.

But did you know you can use your real estate content to do that?!

Yup! In fact I have been working with agents as a marketing consultant for years and to this day, real estate content is still my favorite way to attract and close luxury real estate contracts! Here is how it is done:

Let's say you want to attract luxury clients in Sarasota, Florida. Start writing (and strategically marketing) articles that will appeal to those clients, while also selling the Sarasota lifestyle. Here are some examples of titles that you could write to attract to the wealthiest clients in your town:
This Amazing Sarasota Time Lapse Will Make You Want To Move!
23 Fabulous Ways To Live In Luxury In Sarasota, Florida
Why The Rich & Famous Say Sarasota Is The Best Kept Secret In Real Estate
When you start selling luxurious lifestyles rather than expensive houses, prospects start viewing you as a trusted community expert rather than just another real estate agent.

2. Market Your Content Correctly

One of the biggest problems my clients struggle with their real estate blogs when they come looking for me is that they don't have any readers. I will tell you what I tell them:

If you are not going to invest the time and money to properly market your real estate content, then don't bother to produce the content at all.

If nobody is reading your writing it won't make you any money. The only way to get real readers is to actively target and market your real estate content.

Be sure that each post has several custom graphics so that you can promote your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PINTEREST! You can also use FacebookAds and Groups to specifically target the proper demographics of the clients you want to reach with your content.

3. Go Beyond Your Basic Blog

When it comes to creating valuable real estate content that will actually make you money, you need to think beyond the basic blog post. While they are definitely a valuable way to close sales (when done right), you need to diversify your content portfolio. Here are some ideas of how you can expand your real estate content to maximize your ROI:
Branded Real Estate E-books
Branded Real Estate Email Courses
Branded Real Estate Checklists & Worksheets
Branded Real Estate Videos
Offer these valuable giveaways in exchange for email addresses. Place pop-up offerings on your real estate website, blog, and social media platforms to grow your email list.

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