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Real Estate Instagram Captions That Convert
By Sharmila_CML


Yes, Instagram is a mostly visual platform where the pictures count for a large part of either your success or failure.

However, don’t dilute yourself into thinking your pics or videos are the only things that matter!

It is also very important that you include a well-crafted caption that marries a few key elements which I’m about to outline for you in today’s post.

When you invest a little extra time to include a smart caption with your Instagram posts you’ll receive far more comments on each post. Once your posts start to take off with comments, it tells the magical Instagram algorithm the sign that your IG content is on point and should be more prevalent in the feeds.

Ya, feel me?

But that is a pretty shallow explanation of why Instagram captions are so important so let’s dive in a bit further.


Why Your Instagram Captions Are Crucial

1. Stronger client relationships: As you already know, most buyers and sellers aren’t ready to pull the trigger on you from the very first point of contact. You need to first build your relationship with them and instill enough trust to get them to buy or sell with you. When written correctly, new prospects and clients you never knew existed will reach out and comment or DM you and give you the opportunity to begin a conversation.

2. They help your posts soar: Instagram succeeds by making sure that the highest quality content appears in everyone’s feeds. Therefore, Instagram will reward you time and time again if you post combine stunning images with captions that get your audience talking. The comments essentially tell Instagram that your audience loves this post and IG should show it to more and more of them. If you do a really great job, you could even start getting featured in the Explore Tab which could skyrocket your following.

3. Your audience will promote you: Inject your Instagram captions with personality and value and your followers will be compelled to share your posts as much as they are to comment on them. Just like on any social platform, those shares are invaluable when it comes to growing your following. Sales-driven posts won’t accomplish this for you though, so make sure your captions are forming genuine connections with IG users.

Obviously, you can see now how important it is to know exactly how to write a caption for your Instagram posts that goes to work for you.

Of course, this begs the obvious question; “how does one write an engaging Instagram caption?”.

Here are two tactical methods you can start implementing into your Instagram strategy today to get amazing results:

Get 30 Free Real Estate Instagram Captions To Fill Your Instagram Feed

Method #1: Give ‘em A Reason To Respond:

A picture of a house with a caption that reads something like “Great 3/2 in Yorktown. Motivated sellers! Book your showing today!”. This post is not only useless, but it is actually harmful to your overall presence and profile!

Please, STOP with these already!

Honestly, if you were in the market for a house would you go out of your way to like, comment, share, send a DM, and then go buy that house?!


You need to give your audience and potential clients something to engage with. They might actually love that house, but you need to position the post in a way that actually gets them to take action (other than scrolling through to the next).

Remember, people are driven to buy from people that they feel as though they know, like, and trust. That means that you need to give them a reason to feel that way about you. It’s those warm and fuzzies that provoke random followers into loyal and raving clients and referral partners.

So instead of that same old lame post like the one above, why not try something like this:

Tired of listening to your Boo complain that you don’t have enough space in your apartment? Get that lovable monkey off your back and upgrade your abode to this spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Yorktown home. Lucky for you, this seller is more than ready to move and happy to negotiate the already rock-bottom price. #MovinOnUp #YorktownHomeForSale

See the difference?

This time around, you’ve given them something to grab onto, relate to, maybe even laugh at.

The second example sounds more like you’re talking to a real person. There are full sentences even.

The more than you inject personality, humor, and realistic language into your comments, the more your following will naturally grow. Combine that with 25-30 hashtags that are locally relevant and you will be stunned at how the clients come crawling out of the Instagram woodwork.

Every time that you go to write a caption, I want you to pause and picture your ideal client. Now, imagine that you are sitting in a coffee shop talking to them, and actually trying to build upon your relationship. Stop trying to sell, and start trying to tell them something valuable.

Here are a few ways that you can avoid that yucky sales language and deliver a better brand story:

  • Share a story from the past week

  • Share something you have just learned

  • Tell them something personal about you

  • Share some behind the scenes tidbits about your life and career

  • Share your favorite local biz, foods, new toys, people, places, etc..

  • Share your goals and dreams

Method #2: Deliver A Direct CTA

This might not be a very popular or nice thing to say but people are sheep.

At the end of the day, most people actually like being told what to do. So, don’t leave ‘em hanging.

Let them know what you want them to do AND how it will benefit them to take that action within the caption of your Instagram posts.

As a caveat, I want to make it clear that your CTA’s shouldn’t stand alone without a piece of valuable advice or something entertaining.

As a second caveat, I want to ask you to er on the side of using CTA’s that create engagement, rather than just telling people to buy from you.

Here are a few examples of a call-to-action that you can include with your Instagram captions that will do just that:

  • Tag a friend who___

  • Ask a question about___

  • Post a GIF that tells me how you feel about this.

  • Comment below and tell me how you would react.

  • Hop over to the blog to learn more about how this all went down.

Schedule Your Gram Posts In Advance!

Let’s be honest, no matter how good our intentions are about posting frequently throughout the day (you should be updating your IG 1-3 times per day), it can become overwhelming quickly.

When it comes to demanding tasks like constantly posting to social, life has a way of getting in the way.

However, every time you fail to post to Instagram is the same as money lost.

Therefore, I insist that you create your Instagram posts in bulk and schedule them out in advance using handy tools like Tailwind. I am a HUGE fan of using Tailwind for platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, I’ve been able to grow my Pinterest following by more than 50,000 followers in less than six months using Tailwind!

If you don’t have a virtual assistant that can tackle this task for you, you can set aside an hour or two per month to pre-schedule all of your Instagram posts in Tailwind and then go about your life and watch as the clients come flooding in.

Get 30 Free Real Estate Instagram Captions To Fill Your Instagram Feed

Just to make things even easier for you, I have put together a list of 30 captions to inspire you to fill your Instagram feed in a way that boosts your audience, engagement, and conversion rates!