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Simplify Your Real Estate Business & Increase Your Productivity
By Nithya_CML


As a real estate agent or broker, you are constantly being pulled in a million different directions.

No matter how hard you try to plan and schedule a time to work in your business, as well as, on your business life often gets in the way.

In many cases, we accidentally complicate many components of our businesses as we build them which only adds to our overwhelm and destroys our productivity.

I totally understand that feeling and how easy it is to wake up and realize that you’ve dug yourself into a whole. The question is how do you get back to basics to streamline your business without losing out on any progress you’ve already made?!

It is actually a lot easier than you may think! I’m about to outline a handful of ways for you to simplify both the biggest and smallest elements of your real estate business in a way that will leave you feeling freer and your bank account more full!

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Simplify Your Feelings

With so much of your business and that of your competitors being published online, it can be very easy to let your feelings of inadequacy get to you. Although it is easier than ever to compare yourself with your competition, I urge you to stop.

For example, you may have a competitor in your market with 20K people that like and follow them on social media. Seeing those numbers can be intimidating and cause you to think it that you will never be able to rise to that level. Please ignore those negative instincts and remember that if you are to take anything away from their success, it is that it is possible to attain and surpass those numbers yourself.

When it comes to online presence, you only get to see what people are willing to show you. Comparing your inner feelings with others’ orchestrated outward appearance is only going to hurt your progress.

Simplify Your To-Do List

As a real estate agent, you are expected to juggle client transactions, create marketing campaigns, volunteer, generate original content, network, and further your education. And that’s just in your professional life.

Having these hectic and long to-do lists often lead real estate agents to believe that they need to multi-task to get it all done. So it may shock you to learn that research shows that multitasking can actually result in a 40% decrease in productivity levels.

You see, when you constantly shift your focus from one task to another, it is forcing your brain to reacclimate itself to the new task at hand which hinders your workflow. Instead, you should time-block your activities and focus on completing one thing at a time.

The following may also help you to improve your productivity:

  • Make a list of distractions so you know what to avoid during work. You can also install apps or browser plug-ins like Forest to help you stay on-task.

  • Separate your personal to-do list from your professional one and avoid working on personal tasks during the workday. Color coding can help with this.

  • Prioritize your to-do list and focus on the most important or urgent things first.


Simplify Your Social Media

Social media can be a real time-sucker and major distraction throughout the day. However, it really doesn’t have to be if you are willing to make a couple of small adjustments.

First, I want you to start by pre-scheduling all of your social media content using tools like Buffer and Tailwind. Not only will this save you a ton of time from having to manually log into your various social media accounts to post fresh content but you will also get analytics to see what content is outperforming the rest. From there, you will have clear insights about what content your ideal clients and audience respond best to.

The second thing you can do is limit yourself to actually interacting on social media to just once or twice per day. Again, I urge you to time-block this task to each platform. For example, if you use four platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) you can dedicate one hour (15 mins. each) to responding to comments, commenting on other’s posts, replying to messages, etc..

Simplify Your Message

You can’t possibly begin to simplify your messaging without first narrowing down your niche. I’m not talking about buyers or sellers. Those are NOT niches. A niche is more like Single Mompreneurs in Atlanta. That is a very specific group with very specific needs, goals, and problems that you can tap into to build trust and earn business.

If you haven’t figured out what your real estate niche is yet, all you have to do is read my article How To Find Your Real Estate Niche To Get Rich.

Once you know who you want to target, the next step is to appeal to their pain points and answer their problems with your unique talents and strengths.

Simplify Your Goals

It can be very easy to slip into our daily routines and distractions which ultimately leads us away from the path of our true goals in our businesses. At times, this is because your goals need to be reexamined and adjusted for simplicity.

I am a big fan of starting with your largest goals first and then breaking them down into smaller, more attainable goals. Start by thinking in the following terms:

  • Your 5-year goal

  • Your annual benchmarks needed to meet that goal

  • Your monthly benchmarks needed to meet your annual goals

  • Your weekly and eventually daily goals need to meet your monthly goals

True, it can take some time to properly map these all out but it is well worth the investment of your time. To make sure that you are choosing the right goals for each step of the way, I encourage you to put them through the “smart” goals test.

Here’s how that breaks down:






If any of your goals which inspire your to-do list don’t meet the guidelines of a S.M.A.R.T. goal, kick it to the curb.

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