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The Secret Way To Outrank Zillow - Part Two
By Jayaprakash_CML


Welcome back! As you remember, last week in part one of this series I revealed to you that one of the easiest and most effective ways to beat Zillow in search results is to build out your collection of neighborhood profiles and hyperlocal content.

I also showed you how building your library of hyperlocal content would help you to:

  • Show off your local expertise

  • Build your email list

  • Set you apart from local competition

  • Generate more qualified buyer and seller leads

  • Keep visitors on your website much longer

Finally, I told you that there was a second strategy to help you outrank Zillow so that you can capture more buyers and sellers in your farm.

That strategy boils down to just three little letters: F. A. Q.

That’s right, a well-assembled list of frequently asked questions can dramatically escalate your performance on the web and allow you to passively gather hoards of buyers and sellers in need of your services.

Today, I am going to explain:

  • Why FAQ pages are so important to the success of your real estate website

  • What questions you should include on your FAQ page

  • How many questions you need to be successful

  • The right and wrong way to answer those questions to optimize results

So keep reading to learn how to put the final nail in the coffin of Zillow and all those other real estate bullies that have been stealing business from you for so long.

What Is So Powerful About Real Estate FAQ Pages?

Not only does your FAQ page help to streamline some of your customer service issues by addressing common questions, but they also help you to supercharge your SEO.

Even if you don’t know anything about search engine optimization, you probably know the number one rule which is that the rules are constantly changing.

One of the biggest and most prominent changes to SEO in the last five years is how the algorithms for Google search to answer questions more efficiently. More specifically, they are drawn to websites that can produce an instantaneous answer which they can display right on the search results page. In other words, if somebody asks a question which you have posted on your FAQ page, you are that much more likely to show up as the top result in a Google search.

Furthermore, search engines are becoming more and more drawn to full sentence questions because more and more people are running searches verbally through assistants like Siri and Alexa.

How Many FAQ’s Do You Need?

In my opinion, you can never have too many FAQs. However, a great starting off point would be about 25 to 30. I frequently suggest to my clients that they add one or two essay cues to their page when they have a couple of minutes of downtime. Frequently adding new questions and answers, a.k.a. fresh content, to your website, will continuously boost your SEO as well.

How Do You Know Which Questions To Include?

The obvious answer here would be those questions which are most frequently asked by your target audience. However, I strongly urge you to include niche specific questions and answers which will help to gain more targeted traffic and showcase your unique expertise.

Try to put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes and come up with as many questions as you can from their perspective. As your collection of questions grows, do not be afraid to section them off into categories in order to make finding them easier for your real estate website’s visitors.

How Long Should Your FAQ Answers Be?

Use your judgment on this one. If you can provide an appropriate answer within a couple of sentences, then, by all means, do so.

However, if you believe that the topic at hand is the one that should be addressed in greater detail, this is the perfect opportunity for you to provide a link to a blog post, video, or podcast episode which you have already created to address that topic.

Those internal links on your website will further improve your SEO, as well as, keep prospects on your website much longer so they can fall in love with you and hire you.

Don’t have a long-form piece of content that answers the question yet? Well, then I think you just found inspiration for your next piece of real estate content my friend.

What Is The Fastest Way To Create A Real Estate FAQ Page For Your Website?

As I mentioned, there are several easy ways to brainstorm questions for your FAQ page. However, putting your list of questions together and creating the content around them can be time-consuming.

As a result, many agents make the MAJOR MISTAKE of copy and pasting this content from other websites. You should NEVER do that under any circumstance because it will:

  • Severely damage your SEO

  • Potentially have your website permanently removed from search engines

  • Make you vulnerable to lawsuits

  • Put you in jeopardy of losing your license

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it is totally not worth it to try and cheat that way.

Instead, if you want to reap all of the benefits of an effective FAQ page for your real estate website without an ounce of effort, simply allow me to write it for you.

I will put together a list of questions that will not only appeal to your ideal clients but will make Google swoon for you too.

To get started, simply book a free consultation with me here at your convenience.