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This Is Why Your Real Estate Website Sucks At Converting Traffic
By Nithya_CML


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As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how frustrating it can be to pour your heart and soul into a business but not see the results you feel you deserve.

Since you already know (because I tell you all the time) that nearly all real estate transactions originate online, you likely invest a lot of your time, money, and energy into driving traffic to that website.

The question is, why the hell aren’t you converting any of that traffic on your website into closed transactions?

Is it the website itself, the quality of the traffic, or something else altogether?

I hate to see you struggle to get and convert website leads so today we’re going to dive into the reasons why your results are so disappointing.

You’re Making A Terrible First Impression

From the moment that someone lands on your real estate website, they are judging you. They almost instantly make a decision as to whether or not they are going to stay on your website and whether or not you have anything of value to offer them.

There are a few factors that go into this first impression including images, font, formatting, and copy.

I know it can be really challenging to look at your website objectively but do me a solid and try. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the copy compel you to keep reading or stay on the website?

  • If you spend 10 seconds scanning the website do you understand what is being offered?

  • Does the content feel like it is talking to you specifically or everyone?

  • Is the copy fun to read with a conversational tone?

  • Is there a clean representation of the brand represented on the brand?

  • Have you been mindful of the fonts, colors, and overall design?

The average web browser will leave your website in 30 seconds or less if you don’t have all of these important points covered.

You’re Using The Website Your Real Estate Broker Gave You

One of the most expensive mistakes that you can make is to use the website that your broker gave you as your primary website.

For starters, the templated website that major companies like KW or Remax give you are NOT SEO friendly and are shunned by Google.

Furthermore, you should be building a website on a domain that you own because you can actually turn around and sell that website one day for thousands or millions (ask me how).

Not to mention, most of those websites do not give you the ability to add your own custom real estate content which is a must for converting your online leads.

There’s Not Enough Of An Emotional Connection

Your real estate website is one big sales page.

I hope as a professional salesperson, you understand that the majority of sales comes down to emotion first and logic second.

You need to be able to tap into people’s emotions with the content on your site if you want to convert them.

From the very first word, you need to be reeling your website visitors in by showing them that you have an intimate understanding of their unique challenges and desires. You also need to clearly communicate that what you have to offer is the very best solution for them.


As a general rule, we like to say that 80% of the emotional impact of any piece of advertising content is established by the first 20% of the content.

That’s a big deal!

You have to show your leads that you totally understand their fears, frustrations, and innermost thoughts. Keep the language simple, direct, and in the 2nd person.

Want To Know What’s Amazing?

Once you fix these common errors on your real estate website, you’re going to start converting a ton more leads!

You will also get more high-quality leads to work through your funnel.

Improving the content on your real estate website can easily double or triple your sales!

I created this nifty cheat sheet to help you make your real estate website content is powerful enough to convert your leads into clients.