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Zillow’s New Instant Offers Is Actually A Fantastic Marketing Opportunity For Realtors! Here’s Why...
By Nithya_CML

Zillow has cultivated the attention of potential sellers for you by starting a massive conversation. This is your chance to swoop in an steal it for yourself!


With the release of Zillow’s Instant Offers program rolled out in Florida and Nevada, many agents and brokers are scrambling in fear around the nation. The program is a direct-to-consumer opportunity for sellers to offer-up their listings to investors for a quick and painless transaction.

Zillow is also providing sellers with a CMA to help arm them with valuable pricing information before they price their homes. This comes to the dismay of agents that have for a long time used CMA’s as a way to get their foot in the door with potential sellers.

Agents fear that Instant Offers is the first in a series of moves by Zillow to eliminate the demand for real estate agents all together. However, blinded by their fears, many agents don’t realize that Instant Offers has created an outstanding opportunity for them.

Being that I am insanely competitive and always on the hunt for a way to turn a potential loss into a major win for my clients, I actually look at Instant Offers as a golden opportunity for all of you.

Here’s my advice as to how you can turn Zillow’s Instant Offers into a home run for your real estate business:

An Opportunity To Educate Buyers & Sellers

The biggest uphill battles of any real estate agent is capturing attention and getting potential buyers and sellers to understand the tremendous and unique value that they offer them.

While a Facebook Ad or Google Adwords campaign can certainly draw-in high numbers of traffic to your website and lead capture sources, you still have to make it clear to leads why they should hire you rather than go through Zillow.


That’s where one of the largest parts of your job comes in; you have to sell them on you.

The best way to do that is to educate them through real estate content specifically created and tailored to deliver them value.

So what does this have to do with big bad Zillow’s Instant Offers?


By Zillow unrolling this direct-to-consumer seller’s product, they have created a massive opportunity to engage with the community of sellers in relevant & valuable conversations. Zillow has already planted the seed to potential leads and gotten them to consider selling their house when they may have never considered it at all before.

They have created a stir and have captivated the single most valuable thing to any real estate agent: the attention of sellers!

You know what that means?

You now have an unbelievable opportunity to cash-in on Zillow’s hard work!

temp-post-imageAs a real estate agent, you offer value to sellers that Zillow simply cannot compete with. The problem is sellers do not necessarily know or realize that the way that you do.What I am getting at here is that this is your moment to strike because sellers are already sitting up and paying attention.With so many eyes and ears open to the discussion of Instant Offers and what it offers sellers, this is your chance to point out the potential and obvious cons of such a program, as well as, the pros of working with you.This is your chance to help people to understand every little thing that can come up during the lifespan of a real estate transaction. All of which, they will be left to handle blindly on their own against a major corporation.This is your chance to seriously drive home to all buyers and sellers the importance of working with a real estate agent.Best of all? This is your chance to steal the attention of sellers looking for a unique opportunity. Make them understand the best opportunity is to sell with you because you offer a service that is unique as well!

How To Spread The Word

Just like with any type of education, you need to create content to get the message across to your desired audience a.k.a. your ideal clients.
temp-post-imageI recommend that you design a complete content marketing strategy including written, video, and audio forms of content that are tailored to your audience. Of course, distribution of said content is always just as, if not more, important than the quality of the content. There is no point in creating content around this topic if you aren’t going to put in the work to strategically and powerfully distribute it. I also recommend that you get extremely vocal across all major social media platforms to spread the word, including Q&A based platforms like Quora and Reddit.