Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do You Only Write For Real Estate Agents?

Nope! Although real estate agents do make up a large portion of my clientelle, I work with many different types of real estate professionals including coaches, vendors, attorneys, publications, and more. If your business is related to real estate, odds are I will be interested in writing for you.

2. Do You Only Write Blog Articles?

No! I write a variety of types of real estate content including neighborhood profiles, magazine articles, professional bios, books, and more. I am always looking for new and exciting projects to diversify my writing portfolio!

3. What Do You Charge?

For pricing on my most common products go to the "Work With Me" tab and scroll to the bottom. For a custom quote on your real estate content project, send me a message. My pricing is based upon a cost per word for each project.

4. How Much Content Do I Need?

The truth is that you can NEVER have enough content on your website or blog. Every piece that provides value, will serve to boost your SEO and position you as an expert that will have your prospects clambering to work with you. If you already have at least 30 articles in your blog, you can get away with as few as 4-8 posts per month.However, until you reach that point, you should be posting 12-20 blog articles per month. I strongly discourage you to EVER post less that 4 articles per month. At that rate, you will be wasting your time.

5. Do You Only Work With Locals?

Actually, I have clients all over the United States and in select other countries across the world. I only write in English however.

6. How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

The timeline for your order will depend on how busy I am, and the scope of your real estate content project. I will always to get your real estate content delivered to you as soon as possible so that you can start leveraging it into clients and conversions.

7. Do You Write The Real Estate Content Yourself?

YES! When you hire me, you are hiring me. I will interview you to gather crucial information for your project, give you my recommendations on a direction for the project, and prepare your custom real estate content myself. One of the reasons my clients are eager to pay my rates is that they know my writing is the high-quality, powerful real estate content they need to crush the competition.

8. What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. It is the most popular form of inbound marketing used today.

9. Why Do Real Estate Brokers Use Content Marketing?

Real estate brokers need a modern way of attracting high-quality real estate agents to hang their license with them so that they can grow their revenue. Content marketing is the most effective way of accomplishing this goal, for the least amount of work and financial investment.

10. Why Do Real Estate Agents Use Content Marketing?

Real estate agents need a strategic and cost-effective way of attracting high-quality real estate leads that won’t waste their time. Real estate content marketing is a powerful way of attracting a high number of leads and sorting through the “tire kickers” so that you never waste your valuable time.

11. Why Do Real Estate Investors Use Content Marketing?

Real estate investors benefit from having a large audience because it makes it easier to find new investments, and quickly sell listings. Content marketing is the most effective way of growing an engaged and valuable audience of potential buyers and sellers.

12. How Long Does It Take To Get Results From Real Estate Content Marketing?

Traditionally, it has been said that content marketing can take up to 18 months before results are measured. However, I have been able to get results for my clients in as little as 48 hours. Every case is unique, but every word of content that you invest in, will pay you dividends forever; unlike a postcard or phone call.

13. Why Are Some Real Estate Companies Unsuccessful With Their Content Marketing?

There are several reasons why some companies fail with their content marketing. In some cases, it is because the quality of the content is poor. In other cases, it is because the content was not properly marketed or was not marketed at all. My company is brand new to content marketing.

14. Where Do We Start?

You are unique, which means you have a unique set of goals and challenges. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all approach”. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is sign-up for an initial consultation with me and I will develop a personalized content marketing strategy for you that makes sense based on your budget, goals, and ideal clients.

15. What Is The Best Type Of Real Estate Content?

At this point, audio content is my favorite type of real estate content because it is the most convenient to consume. I can help you to strategize, develop, and monetize audio content like real estate podcasts and Alexa skills.

16. Can I Monetize My Real Estate Content?

Yes! There are several ways that you can monetize your real estate content including affiliate marketing and sponsorships. Check out this video that explains how your real estate content can actually make you millions!

17. Where Should I Post My Real Estate Blog?

First and foremost, your real estate blog should be on your website because it will help your website get found on the web and increase your website’s resale value. Here are some other valuable platforms you should consider too.

18. Can You Help Me Get To The Top Of Search Engines Like Google?

Yes! One of my primary goals in developing your content will be to turn you into the digital mayor of your local real estate market so that all local searches lead to your website. Since more than 98% of all real estate transactions begin with an online search, it is crucial that you show up at the top of search results!

19. Can You Help Me With SEO?

Yes! If you are new to SEO or just need help climbing the ranks, I can help you understand and implement search engine optimization. I will assist with everything from keyword design to metadata and everything in between.

20. Can You Help Me Develop A Real Estate Podcast?

Yes! Real estate podcasts are one of my favorite projects to work on. I can help you develop a winning podcast from start to finish.

21. Can You Help Me Develop A Real Estate Vlog?

Yes! No need to wait for a call from HGTV, we can make you into a star on your very own real estate vlog. I can help you strategize, create, and market your real estate vlog from start to finish. I can’t afford your real estate blogging packages but really want to hire you.

22. What Should I Do?

If charging my services to a credit card or taking out a loan are not a possibility, you can usually get help to pay for my services from a referral partner like a loan officer, title company, home inspector, etc.. Let me know if you need help with this.