Studio City, CA

A snapshot of Studio City:

Population of 43,703
Median household income $108,632
Median home value $899,538
School rating B-
Health and fitness rating A

What You Need To Know About Life In Studio City, California

Studio City, aptly named after the well-known CBS Studio Center where beloved television series like "Gilligan's Island" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" were filmed, is a picturesque neighborhood set apart from the busy downtown Hollywood area. The tree-lined street of Ventura Boulevard boasts plenty of hip dining spots and shopping boutiques.

Not only is it a beautiful place full of fun things to do, it's also a great area to raise a family. There are several fantastic private and charter schools in the vicinity, and the Los Angeles Unified School District offers students an excellent education. The combined educational opportunities land Studio City on the top ten list of the best neighborhoods to live in Los Angeles.

The superior education residents receive is proven by the fact that more than half of the homeowners hold a Bachelor's degree or higher. Even more impressive, nearly a quarter of the residents also possess a Master's degree. Those statistics are all well above the national average.

A quality education leads to higher paying jobs, which Studio City definitely offers. The median household income of $108,632 is nearly double the national average. That makes owning a home more achievable, which 45% of the population is able to do. Since roughly half of the residents are homeowners, the area offers a well-established, safe feeling.

With crime ratings being well below the national average, the city feels even more secure. There are very few violent crimes thanks to the superb work performed by the North Hollywood Community Police Station, a division of the esteemed Los Angeles Police Department.

Residents here love the diversity of the community and the gorgeous, sunny California weather. One of the best ways to get outside is at the Studio City Recreation Center, which offers a children's playground, basketball and tennis courts, a walking path, and a plethora of sports programs, art, and cooking classes.